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India is predicted to be amongst the top three markets in the world for solar by 2020.  Things are moving faster in solar energy than we recognise. There are more than 25,00,000 photovoltaic (PV) systems in operation worldwide. More than 230 GW of cumulative solar power is already installed. Government has shown strong commitment to revolutionise the entire solar power sector and taken up ambitious solar power target of 100GW by 2022. It is supporting the same with landmark policies and initiatives such as $1tn solar power tie up with France and global solar alliance of 120 countries headquartered in India. The cost of solar is now 100 times lower than it was in 1977 and it is set to become more affordable.

Will it open up new career opportunities?

There is a lot of scope for technological innovation. On the renewable energy front, we need lots of innovation and new ideas to improve the output from solar panels bringing in wide-ranging different technologies to raw material, production and technology.  Apart from power generation, innovations are required in energy storage, transmission and energy saving.


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