Rent your rooftop and get solar power at a cheaper rate

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KOLKATA: Give us your rooftop and we will give you cheap solar power – this is the model being used by many solar power companies to rake up their rooftop solar installation capacities. Industrial establishments, commercial buildings, malls and large gated communities are the target for these operators who would set up solar rooftops for free and sell you power at rates that are cheaper than the local utilities.
“Around 240 sq mt of rooftop space is good enough for setting up a rooftop solar power plant that can viably sell power to the building and earn some decent profits,” said Sunil Jain, chief executive of Hero Future Energies. “In fact, some five-six companies including Hero Future Energy have already entered the fray and are on the lookout for large rooftop space in industrial complexes, commercial buildings, malls and gated communities,” he said. According to officials, about 8sq mt of rooftop is required to set up panels to generate 1 kilo watt and a minimum capacity of 30 kW makes an installation viable. The power generated can help building owners cut down on power costs and gainfully use the roof which would otherwise remain unused.


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