Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (Forecasting, Scheduling, Deviation Settlement and Related Matters of Wind and Solar Generation Sources) Regulations 2016. “

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“These regulations shall apply to all wind and solar generators connected to the State grid, including those connected via pooling stations, and selling power within the State. The QCA or the wind and solar generator shall submit a day-ahead and week-ahead schedule; Day-ahead schedule shall contain wind or solar energy generation schedule at intervals of 15 minutes (time-block) for the next day, starting from 00:00 hours of the day. Deviation Charges in case of under or over-injection by solar generators, for sale of power within the State, if injection is >5% but <=15% then charges applicable are At Rs. 0.50 per unit for the shortfall or excess energy for absolute error beyond 5% and up to 15%.The Honorable Commission has asked comments from interested stakeholder/parties by 13/02/2016”.


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