Jharkhand State Solar Power Policy 2015

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Government of Jharkhand Department of Energy Notification

Preamble: In order to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel based generation, it is essential to explore all possible alternative sources of generation. Under these circumstances, the generation based on renewable energy resources as well as adopting energy efficiency measures to fulfil the electricity requirement shall play a significant role in meeting our future demands of electricity. To achieve a sustainable development route that provides for advancement in economic as well as environmental objectives, the Government of Jharkhand is determined in taking necessary steps to encourage the generation based on renewable energy resources. The State has high solar insolation around 300 days of clear sun and offers good sites having potential of more than 4.5 to 5.5 kWh/m2/day, which the State intends to harness to support the energy requirements of the State

2. Objectives: The objectives of the Policy are as follows: a) To encourage participation of Private Sector to set up Solar Power based projects in the State & increase solar power generation to 2500 MW by the year 2020 in a phased manner. b) To build a favourable atmosphere for setting up Solar Power projects. c) Ensure energy security of the State by a stable and non-polluting means. d) To promote local manufacturing facilities which will generate employment in the State. 3. Legislative Framework for Policy: Several provisions under the Electricity Act, 2003 mandate the Jharkhand State Electricity Regulatory Commission and the Government to take necessary steps for promotion of renewable energy. The Section 108 of the Act mandates the Government to give directions to the State Commission in the matter of Policy involving public interest. Accordingly, the State Government in exercise of its powers formulates this policy.

Description                                       Unit           FY 16            FY 17         FY 18              FY  19             FY 20                       Total

Solar Photovoltaic  Power Plants  MW            50                200              500                 500                750                      2000

Rooftop Solar Power Plants          MW            25                50               100                    125                  200                      500

Solar Thermal Power Plants          MW           5                  10                  10                     10                    15                         50


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