4 villages in Bijnor district to be solar powered

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Four villages in Bijnor district will soon be lit up using solar power. This is because the state government has given a green signal to the projects managed by the New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (NEDA). The proposal has now been sent to the Centre for approval.The four solar power grids will be established at Ram Sahaywala, Himmatpur Bela, Motadhak and Chaturwala villages by 2017. These villages will be called solar villages and Bijnor will be first district in West UP where a solar grid will be set up. Bhopal-based Environment Energy Management Group had commenced survey work at the villages six months ago. After completion of the survey, the project has now been forwarded to the Centre. The survey reveals that Ram Sahaywala village comprises 150 families, Himmatpur Bela 50 families, Motadhak 255 and Chaturwala village has 71 families.NEDA official said a solar power grid with a capacity of 56-KV will be set up at a cost of Rs 152 lakh in Ram Sahaywala. Likewise, a 20-KV worth Rs 53 lakh will be set up in Himmatpur Bela, 28-KV grid worth Rs 76 lakh in Chaturwala and another grid with a capacity of 100-KV worth Rs 216 lakh will come up in Motadhak.Giving information, NEDA’s nodal officer, RK Pandey, said, “We are gearing up to rectify the solar power grid projects under the Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gramin Jyoti Yojna of the Central government. Under the scheme, the Centre and state government will bear 90% cost of the project. The remaining cost will be borne by the village panchayat fund or other representatives as such MP, MLAs etc. We hope that the grids will be set up by the end of this year.”Giving details about the power tariff, Pandey said, “It will be as per the capacity of connection. Bills will be recovered by the respective gram panchayats. An amount of Rs 4,500 will be charged from consumers when providing the connection. Later, a monthly bill will be recovered. As per the estimated tariff, an amount of Rs 1,500 will be fixed for flour mills, Rs 800 for water pumps, Rs 20 for streetlights, Rs 30 for a below-poverty line consumer and Rs 70 for other consumers. The units of power will be different for every consumer. If consumers use extra electricity, they will have to pay Rs 5.50 extra per unit.”



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