Fourth Partner Energy commissions rooftop solar unit for Scope

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Fourth Partner Energy, a full services renewable energy services company based in Hyderabad, has commissioned a 90 kWp rooftop solar installation at the Scope Complex in New Delhi.U D Choubey, Director General, Scope, a professional body representing Union Governments’ public enterprises, inaugurated the facility.“We are committed to bring down our energy consumption substantially. This investment furthers Scope’s efforts to align with the Government’s renewable energy goals,” Choubey.Srinivasa Reddy, Head of Operations, R&D, and Product development, Fourth Partner Energy, in a statement said, “Solar rooftop installations not only help corporates save on cost of power but also support them to become active participants in reducing their carbon footprint.”Fourth Partner Energy estimates that the project will offset more than 117,000 kgs of CO2 over the next 25 years. That is equivalent to planting 5,200 trees. As compared to a coal-fired plant, 2,18,000 litres of water will be saved.


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