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Indian Tourism



NAME OF WORK: Annual contract for operation and Maintenance of Solar system and other
mechanical work at Hotel Janpath New Delhi.

ESTIMATED COST: Rs. 9,23,201/-
Required EMD as applicable Rs. 18500/-

Tender fee as per applicable Rs. 500/-

Proof of Average annual financial turnover of firm during
the last 3 years ending 31st March of the previous financial
year of 30% of the estimated cost. (as per format)

Audit balance sheet of last three years 2012-13, 2013-14 &2014-15.

An affidavit duly notarized by notary on stamp paper of Rs.100/- (Non-judicial) stating that “In case any ambiguity isnoticed in the documents (list out documents) submitted atany stage, we shall be entirely responsible and liable forany action as deemed fit under the Law

All the above certificates/documents shall be submitted bythe firm duly digitally signed and should be duly attested
from a Gazette Officer or an officer in PSE or their C.Aoriginal shall be produced for verification as required

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