Project Mount Everest-The 3 MW solar rooftop project at JK Tyre & Industries Chennai

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Project case study

Client: JK Tyre & Industries Ltd Chennai

Location: JK Tyre & Industries Sri Perambdur, Tamilnadu

Service: EPC

The 3 MW solar project at the rooftop of JK Tyre is to provide electricity directly to the captive loads of the plant. The rooftop project is going to be the largest in Tamilnadu. It is an interesting project as the location involves the installation in the north as well as south direction of the roof. It is a non traditional installation and the biggest challenge was to maintain high efficiency and yield at a slopped steel roof in both directions. Special Aluminium structures were designed to keep adequate ventilation on the back side of the solar panels for module cooling. A minimum gap of 90 mm was the key design consideration in the project. Utilisation of north side and south side of the roof was also a key challenge in the design of the solar rooftop system. The loads were scattered at twelve different locations in the plant, hence the 44 inverters were arranged in such a way that electricity is injected at twelve different injection points in the plant.

In the early stages of the project, the Firstgreen team conducted feasibility studies, site visits and carried out a detailed implementation of 45 days. The project design and engineering was having quite a few challenges as there was a requirement of constructing over 2.6 KM of walk ways as well as cable trays. Meeting timeline was also challenging as there were over 9500 PV modules, 70 KM of DC cables, and 44 inverters  to be commissioned in the timeline. The module sorting was done at a level of 0.001 Amp current sorting to keep the module mismatch losses to the minimum.

Construction of project started in the First week of August 2016 and the project was commissioned on a week before the project deadline of Sept end.  The team ensure that project performance is maintained and hence the field quality plans were introduced to the team. The project performance was achieved highest in its category with a performance ration (OR) of the order of 85%.

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