Making solar power beneficial for all

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The cost of solar power has touched a new low—tariff reached Rs 3.15 per unit on April 11, surpassing the earlier lowest of Rs 3.30 per unit achieved in Rewa Solar Park (RSP) in February 2017. One main reason for the fall in solar tariffs is the falling price of solar modules, which have dropped around 30% during 2016-17; the other reason is the benchmark set by the RSP, which forced the developers to quote low. RSP through its unique project structuring has set new standards for other projects. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy recently released a set of draft wind power guidelines to resolve some of the industry’s issues and provide a fair and secure system of payments. These guidelines are drawn from the RSP in Madhya Pradesh (M.P). The Centre has also written to all other states asking them to incorporate the features from this project in their policy, for keeping the cost of solar power low.


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