Telangana to provide big push for rooftop solar projects

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The Telangana Government is seeking to provide major impetus for setting up of the rooftop solar systems in the State for domestic and commercial establishments.

Ajay Mishra, Special Chief Secretary, Department of Energy, Telangana, today said this was the right time to set up solar rooftop systems and harness the potential of the solar power and save on energy costs.

Addressing a CII event on rooftop solar systems, Mishra said the State Government was making all out efforts to promote solar projects and thus far power purchase agreements have been set up for 3,800MW solar power projects. “And we expect a major chunk of this to be commissioned during the year.

This is part of the committed 5000 MW of solar power addition made by the State,” he said.

The Raj Bhavan has one of the largest solar rooftop system of 900 kw and this is a shining example of what these systems can do in generating clean energy and saving on power bills.

“If one invests about ₹60,000 for one KW rooftop solar unit, he would be able to save about ₹10,000 per annum. This is the easiest way to assess savings.

One can avail of the 30 per cent Central subsidy for residential rooftop units,” he said.

Referring to the power supply situation, Mishra said, “The State was able to manage the enhanced demand supply situation. Already we have managed to meet a demand of over 9000 MW and are confident of meeting any further enhanced demand.


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