Made-in-IIT solar plant powers thousands of rural homes

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A solar plant of the size and cost of a centre table on your rooftop can insure your home against power cuts and halve your electricity bill. IIT Madras has invented such a ssolar rooftop installation — smaller and cheaper than present installations.

At a cost of Rs 20,000, the rooftop plant and storage system can run couple of tubelights, fans, charging points and a TV. A higher model can run all essential load minus washing machine and air conditioners of a middle class and reduce dependence on normal electricity supply.

The rooftop plant has been installed under CSR and government sponsorship in 15,000 rural homes and was successful in facing a three-day power cut during Chennai floods in December 2015.

An official in the Solar Energy Corp of India said to install a rooftop of the present technology, a middle-class family will require 1kWh solar rooftop and storage costing about Rs 1.2 lakh and a space of about 100 sq ft.


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