Firstgreen enables Blue 1 Square achieve 4 Star rating for Precertification from GRIHA

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Blue 1 Square comprises of over 40,000 an establishment in the heart of the city located in Udyog Vihar, Phase 4 Gurgaon. The Site is located near all the basic amenities such as Restaurants, ATMs, Bank, Bus Stop, Post Office, etc. Firstgreen Consulting has provided consultancy for this project.

GRIHA rating system consists of 34 criteria categorized under various sections such as Site Selection and Site Planning, Conservation and Efficient Utilization of Resources, Building Operation and Maintenance, and Innovation points. 5 Star rating is highest possible achievement in the GRIHA rating system and Firstgreen Consulting has helped Blue 1 Square achieve pre-certification for the project. The Project has emphasized green measures right from the initial stage of construction including prevention of Air pollution due to construction. About 60% energy has been reduced by reduction of heat gain. Energy efficiency is prioritised such that the development saves more than half of the power use and solar energy would be powering up about 5% of the total electricity load for the establishment. The Project not only has saved Energy but also environmentally friendly substances have been used for Construction materials. More than 70% of water use in the building and landscape would be reduced through fixtures and proper water management measures and about 60% of on-site water is reused. The project also has put forward an efficient Solid waste management system, organic waste generation from the  building is less than 100kg/day.

GRIHA rating is a 100 point system consisting of some core points, which are mandatory, while the rest are optional. Different levels of certification (one star to five stars) are awarded based on the number of points earned. The minimum points required for certification is 50, which offers 1 star while 81-90 offers 4 star rating which implies good green building practices

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