Govt. ‘dumps’ solar cells dumping probe

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The Directorate-General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has decided to terminate the ongoing anti-dumping investigation into the import of solar cells from China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

The investigation was initiated last year on an application filed by the Indian Solar Manufacturers Association (ISMA). When the investigation reached a conclusive stage and the disclosure statement was about to be issued to parties concerned, the association made a request to terminate the present investigation citing assorted reasons.

“The reason cited by the domestic industry for termination of the petition is devoid of any merit. It is noted that every industry operates in dynamic market conditions and that injury position varies almost on day-to-day basis and so it is not something unique to this particular petitioner only,” said the order released by the designated authority in the Ministry.

‘No discretion’

“However, Rule 14 (a) of the Anti-Dumping Rules does not grant any discretion to the authority in the matter of termination of investigation, once the domestic industry files a written request for termination of the investigation,”’ it said.

Accordingly, in view of the request of the applicant and the provision in Rule 14 (a) of the Anti-Dumping Rules, the authority is constrained to terminate the present anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of “solar cells originating in or exported from China PR, Taiwan and Malaysia initiated on 21.7.2017,” it added.



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