Project Mount Everest-3 MW solar rooftop at JK Tyre & Ind. Chennai

Client: JK Tyre & Industries Limited, Chennai The 3 MW solar rooftop project by JK Tyre in Chennai, is the largest rooftop solar project in the state of Tamilnadu. The project had the specific design challenge, as the electricity generated has to be injected in 12 different locations. Firstgreen consulting provided the complete EPC service and the project was commissioned in record 45 days. The solar panels used are of Renesola and the inverters are of Delta. The project is generating over 85% performance ratio, which is highest on a slant roof having north and south orientation. Firstgreen has done this as its single largest rooftop EPC work, and the client for this project was JK Credit and Finance as well as JK Tyre & Industries Limited.

  • 70 KM of DC cables