Firstgreen Offers the Best in Solar PV Consulting in kW and MW Scale

30 MWp Solar Power Project of K.P. Energy Group Gujarat

KP Energy Group is in the process of developing a 30 MW solar power project in the state of Gujarat. Firstgreen Consulting has been appointed as the project management consultant. In the project, Firstgreen give his consultancy services for detailed engineering and design, planning for the array layouts, solar PV system sizing, AC and DC system design, Cost optimisation, solar resource assessment, techno-economic feasibility, site evaluation, power off-take study, regulatory compliance and environmental stipulations, modules and BoS (Balance of Systems). Drafting RFP, EPC / non EPC / package contracts and selection of vendors, Review project progress, covering compliance / readiness status, reasonableness of the cost incurred, adequacy of the insurance contracts, contracts for evacuation facilities, associated facilities, reasonability of the contract prices, O&M arrangements and agreement