Site assessment, environment impact assessment, social impact study , Tender document preparation, EPC selection, Project Justification & Feasibility assessment,Site assessment and preliminary shadow analysis, Solar Radiation Resource Assessment, Technology Selection and feasibility of selected technology at the given site.Basic engineering, Assessment of power evacuation,metering, monitoring & Control Systems, Applicability of  Codes and Standards, Project Equipment Specifications, Requirements for Plant Operation and Maintenance, Project Cost analysis and economic viability, Financial Analysis, Risk Factors and Management Perception, PVsyst yield assessment.   

Key Highlight of project-

  1. BPCL will devloped this plant near refinery on its own land, this is first kind of project.
  2. The proposed solar power plant shall be feeding 2 MW (AC) power to Bina-Kota Pipeline (BKP) substation within the refinery and 2 MW (AC) power to Bina Dispatch Terminal (BDT) substation within the refinery. The approximate distance of the substations of the substations from the identified location is about 1 km.
  3. The 4 MW (AC)/ 4.4 MW (DC) Solar PV power plants shall continuously measure solar radiation, ambient temperature, wind speed and other weather parameters,generation of DC power as well as AC power generated from the plant
  4. Mono/Poly-crystalline module are being proposed with minimum declared output  of 240 Wp.
  5. Estimated CUF of the plant is 19%


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