Ireo, the first & the largest Private Equity Fund dedicated to the Indian real estate sector with a fund size of US $2 billion. The company has pan-India footprints of projects in prime locations across NCR (including Gurgaon), Haryana, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. It has made presence as the financer and developer of its projects. The projects, Grand Arch in Sector 59 & Ireo Skyon in sector 60 are Gurgaon’s new landmark residential complex. . Ireo has been considering various green initiatives to reduce its carbon foot prints.

In this regards, Ireo has awarded 80 kWp solar PV contract to First Green Consultant (FGC). First Green is providing various services including project management service and Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) & commissioning.

FGC team visited the site & conducted the detailed analysis for roof top. Team took various parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, global horizontal solar radiation, shadow analysis, available roof top area. Based on these analysis/parameters team prepared Project design, Drawings and documents for electrical works, Drawings and documents for plant Civil Works, Structure, foundation , strategic solar plant layout, team decide to select non penetrable installation on roof top. In addition to that team carried out survey for existing electrical infrastructure, financial comparison of grid electricity and solar electricity, savings by using solar electricity for the solar PV plant installation.

The project has been installed and commissioned on the date of 25.08.2015 and the system is running successfully . we have noticed that the system has generated 19200 kwh till 1st January.

Highlights of the project:

Total rooftop area available for the installation of SPV system is about 6000 m2. The total capacity which can be installed on these rooftops is about 80 kWp with Poly-Crystalline technology. It is expected that plant will generate around 120 MWh per year. Expected CUF rooftop SPV project is about 17.12%.

Location: Grand Arch & Ireo skyon Gurgaon, Hayrana.

Modules used: Renesola (250 Wp), Poly-crystalline module.

Inverter: SMA FLX PRO 17 (17 kW).



Grand Arch

Grand Arch Solar



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