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Who we are First Green Consulting is working in the area of renewables and building energy efficiency. Our team comprises of professionals with several years of entrepreneurial and management experience in renewable energy, Environmental, Energy efficiency and climate change. We are a specialist consulting firm supporting clients in promoting renewables and energy efficiency. Utilizing years of industry experience, robust domain expertise, Global work profiles– in location as well as experience, First Green Consulting provides end for end solutions to solar project development to its clients. We deliver tangible value, risk mitigation and cutting edge insights to our clients. We proud ourselves in winning constant repeat business from our clients because of our world class delivery capabilities. First Green Consulting has significant experience with solar project development. First Green Consulting is working with institutions & Govt bodies to help them frame policies and implementation roadmap for renewable project development. First Green Consulting is helping corporate gain benefits from continuously evolving local solar PV market. In Clean Energy Business, First Green Consulting is working on more number of RE projects including solar, wind and biomass energy. We create projects that help our clients get higher returns. Our development work in this space is rated as among the best in the industry. We recognize that our clients not only need technically sound advice, they need the advice to be based on facts. They also require structured solutions for their business problems. First Green consulting bases uses proprietary databases, tools and solutions and business knowledge that lends its advice unparalled depth and reliability. Partnerships with Clients We understand that clients make journeys, the outcome of which can rarely be precisely predicted. Advisors are also partners, sharing the risks as well as the gains. Our commitment to walking the talk and sharing the responsibility as well as the rewards are deeply appreciated by the client. Focus on building Capability within Clients We recognize that our solutions would be much less valuable if we do not bring out the capabilities in our clients to use them effectively. We focus on continuously developing client skills and capabilities in each stage of our work. - See more at: http://www.firstgreen.co/about-us/#sthash.PZ1BziVC.dpuf

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Firstgreen has highly qualified team having several years of expperience in the domain of solar PV and green buildings.


Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha, is the founder & CEO of Firstgreen Consulting. Dr. Vashishtha has around 18 years of experience and specialises in Renewable energy policy, regulation, financing and technical aspects.

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Firstgreen provides diversified portfolio of services to meet your solar project developmental needs. We have technical, project management and financial skill sets to meet your project requirement at each stage of project development.

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