Bid Process Advisory for India Habitat Centre


India Habitat Centre (IHC) is an iconic building of NCR region and always being appreciated for its pro-engineering structure and its commitment towards the environment. Maintaining its vow for environment IHC board has decided to use solar electricity. In this regards through bidding process FirstGreen (FGC) was appointed as Bid Advisory consultant. FGC conducted the detailed survey of the available rooftops in the IHC campus, existing electrical infrastructure, financial comparison of grid electricity and solar electricity, savings by using solar electricity and site appropriateness for the solar PV plant installation. Further, to identify the company to inter into a PPA modal, after having loads of discussion, FGC prepared bid documents like RFP, PPA, bank guarantee document, letter of intent and other relevant bid documents. FGC team also evaluated the Technical and financial bids. subsequently,Ā  identified the qualified bidders.

Highlights of the project:

Total rooftop area available for the installation of SPV system is about 4060. Expected capacity which can be installed on these rooftops is about 382 kW with poly-crystalline technology. It is expected that plant will generate 611 MWh and replace about 5% of grid electricity. Expected CUF rooftop SPV project is about 18%.

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roof top IHC


IHC plan


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