First Green team has been actively working in India’s first Combined Heat and Power  (CHP) systems adopted by DLF group. CHP is the efficient way of providing onsite electricity and chilled water to commercial building, data centers, hostels and to other facilities. We work with building owners to develop new CHP and other power generation projects which makes them self sufficient for electricity and chilled water means. We provide consulting services related to CHP technical feasible studies, utility interconnection and tariff analysis.

Firstgreen team has experience on India’s First gas based cogeneration project by DLF group. DLF buildings has been pioneer in adopting the CHP systems and use the gas based power generation for captive power use and also generates the chilled water to meet their air-conditioning requirements. We have also developed a new CDM methodology for Building cogeneration projects (AM0084) to secure carbon credit benefits. We have also been engaged by some of the investment firms for techno-commercial due diligence of CHP projects.

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