While there is significant cost decline in solar technologies, many green building developers are considering their building envelope made of solar PV panels typically Known  as BIPV.  The present BIPV market is order of 4 billion US dollar and it is expected that there is an enormous potential for growth in BIPV.  Firstgreen has been helping the BIPV professionals such as architects, designers, real estate developers, large home owners, students, venture and equity investors and solar installers. The topics covered in this workshop include the following:

Market potential for solar PV and future growth prospects

Understanding the fundamental principles of the BIPV technologies

BIPV vs Conventional PV

BIPV products and their applications

BIPV opportunity with different PV technologies

Options for Integration of PV in to roof and façade

Grid connected and Off-Grid connected BIPV systems

Challenges with BIPV with Grid

Economics of BIPV systems

Case studies

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