LEED : EBOM Gold Certified Building – Cyber Greens, DLF Cyber City

Cyber Greens is 886170 sq. ft. building sited at DLF Cyber City, phase-III, Gurgaon India. This building was constructed in year 2004 which have 19 floors. Building is running 6 days a week and the large portion is used as office space by multi tenants. There are 5872 occupants in the building and large numbers of visitors are also come to the building as in the ground floor large space is used as food court. The sustainable approach of the team improves the workability of all the workers. The proficient practices like- energy efficient lights, star levelled equipments, full resource utilization, water management, and waste management helps in making the structure more prominent and helps in achieving the LEED GOLD certification.

Project Results-

  • LEED for Existing Building GOLD level achieved
  • 100% STP water is used in the irrigation
  • 16 kWh/ sf / year is the energy utilization Index (EUI) of the building.
  • 80 points were scored on energy star performance assessment tool.

Sustainable Strategies –

  • Energy Audit of ASHRAE level-II was performed to judge the building’s current energy utilization.
  • The CFC free refrigerant is used in the building to reduce the GHG emission.
  • Anti- reflecting coating is done on the roof to reduce the heat island effect.
  • Waste audit was performed
  • ISO 14001-2004 certification has been provided
  • Different Policies like sustainable purchase policy, green cleaning policy were developed.

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