03-10-2013, DLF City Club, Gurgaon: First Green Consulting conducted a Workshop on Building Energy efficiency in a beautiful place Mauritius. There was gathering of 40 participants. Different participants from Real estate development industry of Mauritius and other nearby countries attended this workshop. We are thankful to all participants for taking part in the event and making it successful.

Firstgreen consulting has been organizing workshops on the various topics associated with the Energy Efficiency and solar market. But, this workshop was different than our previous workshop. This is our first step towards Building energy efficiency. However, in this workshop we discussed about efficient Building ECM’s.

Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha explained the necessity of the building energy efficiency in which how building sector is affecting the environment sector. The workshop went for four sessions and topics like Climate change and Sustainability, Energy efficiency methodology,Building management Practices, Green Buildings, Sustainability and carbon foot print were discussed.

 First session is about the Energy Efficiency Methodology, in which he explained about step cleaner production approach and information of each step. Second session is about Sustainable Buildings, in which he explained about the Selection of site, risks from Regulatory developments to business, laws followed globally in the building sector.

Third session was mainly focused on Decision making strategies in sustainability investments, in which Quantification of financial viability of project, financial analysis and Non-energy benefits from energy efficiency improvements were discussed. Finally in the last session is about Building Management Practices and Tracking energy consumption in which he discussed about Steps for Benchmarking of the project, Area based sub metering, capital Budgeting analysis and Energy star Portfolio manager.

After this session, there was a questions answer session, in which participants have asked many questions and get cleared their doubts.


maurituis workshopBrochure : BUILDING ENERGY EFFICIENCY

Energy Efficiency Methodology

Energy efficiency Methodology

session 2_Sustainable Buildings compress_2

Sustainable Buildings

Session 3_Decision Making Strategies in sustainable investments

Decision making

Session 4_Building Management Practices –Tracking energy consumption-COMPRESS

Building Management


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