First green regularly organizes its capacity building workshop on energy efficient building design concepts. These workshops provide Step by step understanding of Energy Efficient building designing process. These workshops include real life case studies and analysis of different building design parameters which affect the energy consumption of building through building envelop heat gain, day light utilization, equipment selection and system sizing. The case studies are based on some of the building energy simulation tools to demonstrate real time impact of  various building design parameter on energy performance of the building.

Key Workshop Topics to be covered:

  1. Building Orientation strategies
  2. Building Envelope design and material selection
  3. Day Lighting Strategies
  4. Integrating solar PV with building design
  5. Building design to meet ECBC/ LEED Compliance
  6. HVAC system sizing
  7. Innovations in building design

Key benefits of the workshop:

These workshops help participants to enhance their skills in building design and optimization from energy point of view.

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