• GRIHA Certification i Firstgreen is working on one of the largest GRIHA certification projects in India

  • Energy Simulation Our team conducts energy simulation and provides building envelop optimisation strategies to our clients

  • Daylight Simulation

  • Building - 6 Building -6 is Gold Certified

  • Building -10

  • DLF Ericsson

  • DLF Innov - 8

  • DLF Hyderabad

  • DLF Epitome

  • DLF IQ

  • DLF Chennai

  • DLF World Tech Park

  • DLF Centre

  • DLF Plaza Tower

  • Building 9

  • DLF Centre Court

  • DLF Cyber Greens

  • DLF Infinity

Green building services

We believe that it through an integrated design process we can create buildings that are not only energy efficient but also sustainable. We have long promoted sustainable solutions through integrated energy planning. We have brought together the architects, building designers, and technology specialists to retrofit the existing buildings. Firstgreen has worked on some of the best projects of India such as LEED Platinum Volume project of DLF group which has been approved by USGBC as a part of country’s first LEED EBOM volume project. The DLF Mall of India (LEED Gold), DLF Cyber Terrace, DLF Plaza tower, Ericssion, DLF Square are some of our Gold rated buildings from USGBC. We have also registered the green building projects through GRIHA as well as IGBC.

Our green building projects

USGBC – LEED for Existing Buildings & Commercial Interiors

Firstgreen is providing Leed certificate facilitation Service for Existing Buildings and Commercial Interiors

IGBC – LEED India for New Construction & Core and Shell

Firstgreen has registered various green building projects with IGBC

IGBC – Green Homes for Residential Projects

Firstgreen has facilitated residential projects for green building certification through IGBC

Energy Modelling & Simulation

First Green has a well-established and competent in house team of energy analysts and simulation specialists.

Green Building Rating Facilitation

Firstgreen had provided green building Rating Facilitation For various buildings

Lighting Simulation

Firstgreen has providing Lighting Simulation to the Buildings

Roof Top Solar Systems- PV

Firstgreen provides EPC services for rooftop solar PV systems. We also install the rooftop solar PV systems under the RESCO model

Site Solar Studies

We analyse the solar power potential of the sites and conduct the solar site feasibilities

Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic

We do design, engineering, and installation commissioning of BIPV projects.

Commissioning Services

We do building commissioning services required for LEED certification of buildings

Energy Audit & Performance Study

We have Facilated Plant Performance & Audit Services for various Organisations

Energy Efficiency benchmarking

Benchmarking of energy consumption is important for energy saving in your facility. We carry out energy efficiency bench-marking.

Dynamic Thermal Modelling

We conduct energy simulation of buildings and carry out the dynamic thermal modeling of buildings

Daylight Simulation

FIrstgreen provides daylight simulation for the buildings which are under construction. This helps developers to assess the daylighting assessment of their building designs.