Energy Storage

Consulting & EPC

Firstgreen has expertise in energy storage application using the Li Ion batteries. The operating conditions across a wide range of end-use applications. Our fundamental values to our clients include:


  • Focus in cost effective energy storage solutions. 
  • Design energy storage systems with high level of flexibility to adopt the changing load conditions. 
  • We are vendor and technology agnostic,
  • We provide comprehensive solutions ranging from design engineering, procurement and project management consulting for large energy storage projects. 
  • We have experience in industrial, commercial and residential on grid and off grid energy storage applications. 

We recognise the in recent years the cost of energy storage solutions has significantly dropped in the international market. Energy storage not only provide you a power back up solution, but also can reduce your overall energy bill of the facility by taking the real time pricing of electricity advantage. We work with our clients in feasibility assessment, solution development and implementation of the project. We have tie ups with the energy storage solution providers internationally. We provide the energy storage solutions for resorts and many mini grid applications in Africa.