Grid connected solar

With the massive target of the Solar Rooftop in the state of Assam, the state Government has recently launched a rooftop solar subsidy program of 14 MW capacity through Assam Energy Development Energy (AEDA).Firstgreen has been selected as successful bidder for implementation of the proposed solar rooftop program in the state of Assam. Under the CAPEX scheme the consumer has to pay only 30% if the project cost and balance 70% is paid directly by AEDA as subsidy for the solar system. Also we are providing 5 year free operation and maintenance of the project.
Under the RESCO model there is no upfront payment by the consumer and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) has to be signed at Rs. 3.43/ KWh, fixed for 25 Year.
This is the lifetime opportunity to reduce your electricity bill by more than 50% without any upfront investment at your end.

Adopt the solar power for a cleaner future

No upfront payments. Pay as you go model under PPA

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Annual solar kWh


Under the RESCO/PPA model, there is no upfront investment from the client side. Payment has to be made for electricity generated from the solar PV system at the rate approved by AEDA @ Rs. 3.43/kWh


Under the Capex model, there is only 30% contribution by the consumer and balance 70% is to be paid by AEDA Subsidy. The typical cost of your 10 kWp installation is about 1.5 Lac to the consumer under this scheme.Ā