Solar Power solutions in African market

About us

Firstgreen Kenya is a joint venture of three companies, which include the Firstgreen Consulting India, Manrik HOldings, kenya, and Central Plumbing company in Kenya. Firstgreen is a consulting and EPC company for solar power projects. Firstgreen brings rich Indian experience of grid connected and off grid solar power projects. Firstgreen brings low cost and affordable solar solutions from Indian experience. Our working with the client is in a transparent manner and brings high industry standards. Our value proposition is to make solar affordable. 

Off grid/mini grid systems

We provide off-grid/mini-grid sllar solutions with Li ion battery back up for house, villa, and resorts up to 500 kW capacity. THe system is designed to operate in tendom with your existing DG set and provide power back up for two/three days of autonomy. 

grid connected solar rooftop systems

We design the solar rooftop systems which work with the grid under netmetering arrangement. The excess electricity can be fed in to the grid. The cheaper solar electricity brings down your overall electricity bill from the utility. The system can also work in parallel with the DG set and can reduce your diesel consumption. 


Firstgreen has significanht expertise in solar water pumping solutions. The solar PV modules can be directly connected to existing water pumps also through VFD installation. We are also providing the battery based systems, which can provide the lighting and water pumping solution to the consumers. The solar water pumping solutions can also be used by industries and farm houses for providing large water pumping requirement through solar PV systems. 


Firstgreen provides solar water heating solutions for residential, and commercial buildings. We also provide solar water heating system suitable for swimming pools. Firstgreen team will customise the systems as per the need of the client and provide a cost effective design solution to suit the client need. 

Our solar projects case studies

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