Firstgreen is a leader in Green Buildings


The focus of Firstgreen activities is to assist our clients in energy efficient building design process. We work with owners, architects, HVAC consultants, and MEP consultants for the building design optimisation process.

We believe that it through an integrated design process we can create buildings that are not only energy efficient but also sustainable. We have long promoted sustainable solutions through integrated energy planning. We have brought together the architects, building designers, and technology specialists to retrofit the existing buildings. Firstgreen has worked on some of the best projects of India such as LEED Platinum Volume project of DLF group which has been approved by USGBC as a part of country’s first LEED EBOM volume project. The DLF Mall of India (LEED Gold), DLF Cyber Terrace, DLF Plaza tower, Ericssion, DLF Square are some of our Gold rated buildings from USGBC.

Firstgreen has registered a Platinum level prototype for the DLF buildings, and has negotiated the LEED certification  all the DLF buildings under the volume program of USGBC. The LEED certification approach evaluates the buildings through the Sustainable Site, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality. We also strive for some innovative credits through  innovative performance strategies concerning the design and operation of a buildings.  The implementation of a LEED Certification has given our clients to enhance their sustainability image and these buildings are rented at a premium to the international clients.

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We have helped many clients for the ECBC compliance and the Yashwant Plaza Community Centre is one of such example for meeting the ECBC compliance building. We have also helped clients to develop their sustainability reporting practices  in buildings that achieve ratings under systems including LEED. GRIHA, and ECBC Compliance. Firstgreen has used whole building simulation approach to meet the ECBC compliance of the buildings.

Our team has  also worked on some of the policy related assignments of the building energy efficiency and have developed guidelines for Energy Efficiency Portfolio Obligations. Our Team is composed of highly-experienced building professionals from civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation background and LEED APs. We also have architects in our team to support our clients for green building design. We are the only company in India working with USGBC under the LEED volume program and has largest portfolio of LEED certified projects. Firstgreen is member of IGBC as well as USGBC and have active participation in their working group to finalise the LEED evaluation parameters.

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 Our Services for building energy efficiency are as follows:

  • Green  building architecture
  • Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV)
  • LEED Certification
  • Organisational Sustainability
  • ECBC Compliance
  • Carbon footprint and water footprint reporting
  • Building energy audits
  • Project Management Consulting
  • MEP Consulting
  • HVAC System Sizing





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