LEED: CS (IGBC) Certification of DLF Mall India, Noida

DLF Mall India is 25,95,645 sq. ft. building sited at NOIDA, India. DLF Mall India is a biggest Mall in India developed by DLF. The building is having 6 floors of commercial area and 3 basements for car parking.

It has several Special Features like-Roof top insulation, Exterior Wall insulation, Rain Water Harvesting, Skylight for maximum Daylight Use, Energy Efficient Glass, Efficient Water Fixture, Water Treatment Plant, Reduced WWR, Native vegetation in Landscape.

First Green Consulting developed the credit documents and review of LEED: CS certification activity. First Green actively provides the required guidance to achieve the desired green building rating. The DLF Mall India has successfully achieved LEED: CS Gold Rating awarded by Indian Green Building Council.

Project Results-

  • 24.97 % of energy saving is shown through energy simulation
  • 5 Points were achieve under EAc1 credit
  • Total conditioned area of the Mall is 11, 36,686 sq. ft.
  • 6x1000TR centrifugal chillers & 2×350 TR screw chiller are installed at the building
  • The COP of centrifugal chiller is 6.3 & screw chiller is 6.1

Sustainable Strategies –

  • Energy Model is compliance with ASHRAE 90.1
  • Skylight were designed in such a way that the minimum artificial lighting is required
  • Energy Efficient Glass is used
  • Native vegetation in Landscape.
  • Roof top insulation, Exterior Wall insulation
  • Efficient Water fixtures

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