Our Services


Firstgreen has executed solar EPC projects of about 20 MW capacity in India and abroad. 

Project Development

We develop solar project and own the solar assets. We sell green electricity to our clients. 


We offer consultancy solutions for solar power projects as well as for green buildings. 

Bid/ Bid Process Advisory​

One side we assist our clients to participate in JNNSM or state level bids and other side we also advise companies to perform the bidding. Typically, this service includes business modal preparation, project budgeting, bid documentation, financial modelling and bid evaluation. Our team work closely with the management and understand their needs and strengths. On the basis of our analysis we propose the best solutions.

Feasibility Studies​

Typical scope of report is site assessment for solar radiation resource and meteorology, solar PV technology assessment and evaluation, annual yield estimation, tentative SPV plant layout, overall System description, power evacuation arrangements and single line diagram (SLD), Clearances and permits, Financial analysis, Bill of Quantity (BOQ) and Risk Assessment.

Project Financing Services​

Our deep market understanding helps us to offer multiple options and various financing structures to the clients. Our team has extensive experience in earning financing to the projects and we have close relationship with private equity funds, individual investors, domestic banks, domestic banks, domestic financial institutions and various infrastructure financing companies. We have worked with financing institutions such as IREDA, PFA, and REC to organise finance to our clients.

Project Management Consulting​

Project Management consulting services also known as Turnkey project consultancy. The scope of work starts right from the inception stage of the project and goes upto the post commission performance test. Major activities in this are selection of suitable land, equipment, EPC partner, negotiation with all the vendors (equipment- EPC), quality inspection during installation work, post commissioning performance assessment, documentation, and support in debt arrangement.

Detailed Engineering Design​

Firstgreen support its clients during the every phase of installations through equipment selection, energy yield analysis, grid interconnection studies, approvals and permits, design briefs, and construction phase engineering. Our focus is on the large rooftop and utility scale projects which require some complex engineering analysis for your solar project. Our in-house team has professional engineers from civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation background which have tackled various solar projects. Our services for detailed engineering & design including the following: Plant layout & design Solar PV system sizing Module & inverter selection Shadow analysis DC cable route planning Monitoring & control system design AC system design Plant storm water planning Power evacuation planning.

Project Quality Inspection​

Solar is modular in nature and small defect during implementation can lead to a massive mess. This will reduce the generation-the only commodity which can be monetized. Hence, we deployed our specialized team at the site during implementation phase to point eagle eye on every activity and ensure the implementation is as per approved designed.

Plant Performance Audit Services​

Our solar plant performance audit services assist the project developers as an independent owner's engineer and lender's engineering services for the power project installations. We have conducted several solar plant audits and have done the root cause analysis during the operational phase of solar projects. Our clients call us to validate the plant performance independently and seek our help to identify and resolve issues when underperformance is suspected.

Lender’s Engineer​

Our deep knowledge helps us to provide the lender’s engineering services to our clients. In the services we review all the documents related to the project planning, business development, DPR, site irradiation data, PPA, feasibility of project financing, covering compliance / readiness status, reasonableness of the cost incurred, adequacy of the insurance.

Strategy & Policy Advisory​

Firstgreen has in depth knowledge of renewable energy policy and regulations. Our team members are actively working as policy adviser in various working groups of MNRE. We have advised various private organization, government institutions and banks on policy and regulatory aspects of renewable and energy efficiency technologies. We help our clients in developing their business plans and technology road-map. Our policy advisory helps the clients in achieving profitability of their renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.

Techno-Commercial Due Diligence

Firstgreen has expertise for carry out techno-commercial due diligence for better decision making on solar PV investment. We identify various technical, policies, regulatory, operational risk associated with the solar projects and ensure high financial return on solar PV investments. We provide techno commercial due diligence services for private equity investor’s & Lender’s.

Transaction Advisory Services​

Firstgreen helps the solar project developer in sale and purchase of their solar assets. Once getting a clear mandate from the buyer or seller side, our team work closely with the clients throughout the transaction process. Firstgreen prepares the information memorandum (IM) which serves as a base document throughout the transaction process and this document is shared with the potential clients and negotiation takes place on the basis of the base document prepared in the form of IM.

Third Party Inspection​

Firstgreen provides the third party inspection services to the clients. In this, we do the examination of project location, assessment of solar radiation data, energy yield, various losses, power evacuation infrastructure, System sizing, layout planning. besides this, assessment of major components and systems with regard to their suitability and adequacy to perform with respect to project capacity, review and comment on the selection and design of the equipment with respect to their effect on the anticipated service life of the plant.

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