Transaction Advisory Services


Firstgreen help the solar project developer in sale and purchase of their solar assets. Once getting a clear mandata from the buyer or seller side, our team work closely with the clients throughout the transaction process.

Firstgreen prepares the information memorendum (IM) which serves as a base document through out the transaction process and this document is shared with the potential clients and negotiation takes place on the basis of the base document prepared in the form of IM.

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Our expertise is to sail out a smooth transaction of your solar asset and specific term sheet is signed with the potential clients to close the transaction. Our experience in project valuation assessment will help in analysisng the project on the basis oif its technical, commercial, and legal aspects. We prepare a financial model for the actual cash flow of the project and put the expected returns for negotion and estimation of the sales price of your solar asset.

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Once the term sheet is signed with the potential buyer of your solar asset, our team organises an online data room where all the documents are accessable to the transaction teams. We conduct the site visits and do the management presentation and maintain a high level of confidentility during the whole transaction process.

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