Shading analysis for the 10 MW SPV plant by NTPC


NTPC was implementing a 10 MW plant at Unchahar, District  Raibareli, Uttar Pradesh. Project outlay of the plant was quite irregular. Refex Energy was doing the EPC. Plant was subjected to many shading object and as the crystalline modules were used. Hence, it was extremely important to examine the effect of shading on the energy yield. Refex Energy appointed FirstGreen to conduct the shading analysis.

FGC team has recreated the complete plant layout in simulation software -PVsyst. It was significantly complex layout. There were many civil structures and equipment installations which were causing shading on the solar PV panels. Moreover, as per the requirement of NTPC, shading analysis was required for three different Tilt angles, 15 deg, 25 deg and 40 deg. This made the job even tougher. FGC team has done shading analysis for the following schemes

  • Shadow of inverter room+ Lighting Arrestor (LA)
  • Shadow of CMCS+ switchyard+ LA
  • Shadow of perimeter lighting poles
  • Shadow of boundary wall
  • Cumulative effect of all the shading objects.

 Shading losses were quantified for three different tilt angles and overall shading losses were highest (around 6%) at 40 deg tilt with.  Among all the shading objects, maximum shading loss was due to inverter room and lightning arrestor situated on it. Video presentation were made for individual shading object as well as for all the shading objects together.


Highlights of the projects

  • Angle of tilt: 15 deg, 25 deg and 40 deg
  • Module structure: 24 modules and 12 modules in double stacking
  • Shading losses at 15 deg tilt was about 0.9%, at 25 deg tilt was about 2.5% and at 40 deg tilt was about 6%.

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