Solar PV Plant Performance Assessment For JKLCL Plant in Rajasthan


The glorious story of JK Lakshmi Cement Limited (JKLC) was started in the year of 1982 at the place located in the remote area of Sirohi Rajasthan. Since its inception, JKLCL is known for its quality product. Over the period of time JKLCL has grown beyond its core business and developed a Solar PV plant in the Bap area of Rajasthan. 6.12 MW Plant was commissioned in the January 2014. The EPC work is done by Mahindra EPC. FirstGreen was associated with the JKLCL while conceptualization phase of this project. However, for the proposed activity is about the performance assessment of solar PV plant, we shall concentrate on this only.

The concept of plant performance assessment is a new quite new in India even today. FirstGreen is the First Company to conduct such practice on any Indian Solar PV plant. Foremost, we developed the methodology to execute this and then started with the collection of measured data from the SCADA. This includes all the information about radiation level, climatic parameters like temperature & wind speed, electrical parameters like voltage, current, energy at string level, inverter input/output, transformer I/O, HT panel etc. The data is taken at every minute interval and at the end of the day, we are flooded with enormous amount of data.

Now step by step we started quantifying the cumulative losses at modules level, string level, inverter level, LT panel level, HT panel level and metering point. Then, every loss was scrutinized further. We checked electric profile each and every string of the plant and compare its actual performance with a theoretical value. We could find some strings which were underperforming. We directed plant engineer to inspect those strings. There were some loose lug and due to this strings were not performing upto the mark. Likewise, we compare the performance of inverter with each other and with guaranteed efficiency, transformer efficiency, cable losses from module to string combiner boxes (SCB), SCB to inverter, inverter to transformer, and transformer to metering point.

While scrutinizing each equipment performance we identified the root causes of losses. Then, we provided our remarks on the adequacy of the losses percentage. We have also provided our recommendations to improve the plant performance. The recommendation includes no cost measures and low cost measures. Final report projected that plant could enhance the energy yield by 5% by implementing these measures.

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Highlights of the project:

    • Installed capacity: 6.12 MW (AC)
    • Location: Lumbiyan Village, Phalodi Tehsil, Jodhpur District, Rajasthan
    • Modules used: Jinko- Poly Crystalline (255 Wp & 250 Wp)
    • Inverter:  Schneider XC 680
    • Power Evacuation: 33/132 kV GSS, RRVPNL, Samwara (Lumbiyan) PS-III, Phalodi, Jodhpur
    • Key Test conducted while performance assessment: Thermography Test and Earthing test, module cleaning methodology
    • Key equipment used  while performance assessment: Thermography camera, megger, Tong tester, power meter
    • Projected probability of increase in energy yield: about 5%





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