Uttar Pradesh Solar State Policy


Uttar Pradesh is one of the growing states in field of Non Conventional Energy Resources reducing dependence of fossil fuel based generation (thermal power, hydro power etc) to minimise the cost generation and maximum utilisation of solar resources in state .The state Uttar Pradesh receive average daily solar energy 5.0 kwh/m^2 to 5.8 kwh/m^2, which is good significance of energy generation.Target capacity of 500 MW Grid connected Solar Power achieved by 31 march 2017.

There are another document of RFP for procurement of 215 MW power from Grid connected solar PV power project through tariff based competitive Bidding process.

Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) has announced (Rooftop Solar PV Grid Interactive System Gross / Net Metering) Regulations, 2015.

The regulation will be applicable to the distribution licensee as well as consumers of the licensee. The Rooftop solar systems can be installed under gross metering or net metering scheme. Accelerated depreciation (AD) benefit is available for rooftop solar systems and it will be applicable for net metering scheme and not for gross metering.

Basic Difference between Gross Metering and Net Metering schemes:

Solar rooftop system under the gross net metering scheme, will inject entire power generated into the grid, while in other case of Net Metering scheme, only surplus power after consumption of electricity will be injected in grid.



1)Uttar Pradesh Solar Poilicy

2) RFP for 215 MW solar power bidding process

3) Rooftop Solar PV Grid Interactive System (Gross / Net Metering) Regulations, 2015

Draft UPERC RSPV Regulations 2015 _10 Feb 2015

UP_105 MW winner


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