Captive Solar Power in Tamil Nadu

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Under Solar Power Policy 2012, the Tamil Nadu Government imposed a minimum Solar Purchase Obligation (SPO) on all High Tension and Low Tension commercial consumers — 6 per cent of their total power requirement should be met through solar power. When considering the appropriate approach to meet this obligation, the setting up of a Captive […]

APERC order on APPPC FY13

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The state of Andhra Pradesh has finally got its awaited “average pooled power purchase cost” in an order dated 29.06.2013 released by Hon’ble APERC. as Rs. 2.69 per unit. Although, the same is for FY 2012-13. Before determining the final APPPC cost for the state, Hon’ble APERC had a provisional rate in place which was […]

Bifacial Series – Glass-to-Glass Photovoltaic Module

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Photovoltaic manufacturers are working to get every last photon out of every module and they’re using an ever-increasing number of options to get there. For instance, Florida-based Advanced Solar Photonics introduced it’s new, glass-mounted, bifacial solar photovoltaic monocrystalline silicon modules, which use a variety of integrated mechanics to capture direct sunlight as well as sunlight that bounces […]

Firstgreen Product Review-First Solar Series 3 black Module

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Transferring its success in the R&D lab to its commercial modules, First Solar also launched a new evolution of its proven Series 3 thin-film PV module platform, the Series 3 Black, which incorporates First Solar’s latest advances in conversion efficiency as well as additional features to enhance its performance in utility-scale power plants. The all-black […]

Large Scale Deployment of Wind Farms- Issues and Concerns

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India has installed capacity about 16 GW of wind power and about 1.3 GW of solar power. It is expected that we reach to about 20% of total requirement through renewable energy sources contributed predominantly by wind and solar power, the major constraint in large scale deployment of renewables is its variable in nature, which […]

Mounting and Installation options – Building-integrated photovoltaics

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Building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) electric power systems not only produce electricity, they are also part of the building. For example, a BIPV skylight is an integral component of the building envelope as well as a solar electric energy system that generates electricity for the building. These solar systems are thus multifunctional construction materials. The standard element of a BIPV […]

Primary Energy Scenario

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Although about 80% of world’s population lives in developing countries yet the total energy consumed by the developing nation is only 40% of the world total energy consumption, the rest 60% of the energy is consumed by developed nations. The rapid population growth in the developing nations over the past 25 years has kept the […]