Technology and Market Due-Diligence


First Green offers a wide range of advisory services for renewable energy technologies and due diligence related to the companies in renewable energy sector.

We have a good understanding of renewable energy policy and regulations and tariff designs. We assist investors in conducting the techno-economic feasibility studies, regulatory analysis , grid integration and assessment of renewable energy technology options.

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Our teams first understands the expectations of the investor/dveloper and develop a detailed technology evaluation matrix which allows the developer/investor to evaluate various trade-offs and decide its strategy in procurement of specific technology for its upcoming solar PV investment. We closely work with the technology suppliers as well as with the financers as the technology selection needs to be bankable from the financer’s point of view.

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Our major activities for technology and market due diligence include the following:

  • Site assessment and shortlisting the PV module and BoS components technology which suits best to the site conditions.
  • Evaluation of production processes and factors which affect the product quality
  • Evaluation of production facilities to meet the requirements of guarentees and warrentees
  • Technology risk assessment and evaluation of mitigation strategies such as insurance terms




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