Third Party PPAs


First Green assists businesses to sell their electricity through third party PPA’s which helps the client in maximization of his profit. We assist client in identification of electricity buyers and organize PPA’s with non utility buyers/ open access consumers. We have obligation to meet their renewable energy portfolio.


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Third-party PPAs allow many large consumers to adopt solar PV without any upfront investment and has a great potential for investors in Indian solar market. There are various companies which are installing the roofotp solar PV through the third party PPA which does not burden the consumer for the  installation, operation and maintenance of the rooftop SPV system. We identify potential clients to the investors and arrange third party PPAs for their investments.


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Third-party PPAs have emerged as a bankable PPAs in India and many banks are keen to finance these projects. While large solar projects have to go for competitive bidding, third party PPAs are mutually agreed PPAs and availability of financing for these projects is attracting investors in this sector.



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