About Us

We are a India based solar and green building consulting firm. Understanding the current market conditions, we offerr solar rooftop, ground mounted, off grid and on grid solar PV systems for commercial and infdustrial solar PV systems. We are one of the top; green building consulting firm having 36 Platinum certified commercial buildings for our clients.


Solar PV

We offer solar PV consulting and EPC services for ground mounted and rooftop systems. Our solar Project portfolio includes over 500 MW of solar projects with 100+ clients

Green Buildings

We offer green building consulting and work closely with USGBC, IGBC and GRIHA for our Indian and International clients. We have certified 36 Platinum rated green buildings for our clients.

Home Automation

We offer IOT based home automation solutions to our clients. The home automation solutions include the lighting, curtain, air conditioning, and AV system automation.

Our story

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Who we are

Firstgreen is India’s leader Consulting and EPC Company providing Solar Green building solution to varies residential, commercial, & Industrial Consumer. firstgreen Own Portfolio Over 2000 KW solar rooftop about 500 MW Consulting & EPC Project in India & Abroad With more than 100 customers.

Firstgreen is offer in India at Gurgaon, jaypur, Hedrabad, & Guwahati. Firstgreen is separated by some of the leading Private Equity For investment in solar Rasco project. firstgreen is now diversify in new revenue such as have automation, Energy Storage, and building energy efficiency technology.

Firstgreen has a diversify Offer for clients which include industries houses, academic institution, Government Organisation and real state.as if now firstgreen clients include India , international firm such as DLF, Alfnar, BPCL, DMICDC, IOCL, JK Group and many over international clients.

Quality Installation

We believe in the highest quality standard of Our project. which have Our internal quality assurance Plans and standard operating for which make Our installation with highest quality standard.

Inhouse design

Firstgreen has in house design engineering of about 25 engineer having diversify experience. we work with tear one module supplier and reputed vertor supplier to develop cost effective solar PV solution with highest reliability.

Customised solutions

We understand the requirement of Customer and Offer customize solution to our clients which make these solution cost effective. we have implemented Solar  PV  systems to customize to meet the clients requirements.