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Dated-29th April, 2014-3P.M. (IST)

auditThe typical scope of work in the plant performance assessment includes site visits,validation of as built drawings, energy losses assessment  and creation of PVSYST model for the actual parameters of the plant to depict the losses in plant at each stage.

The energy losses in the plant are compared with the measured losses in the plant. This will help in assessing the actual energy yield from your solar plant  with reference to the original planned energy yield in the plant. This analysis takes in to consideration of the weather parameters and applies a suitable weather correction factors in the actual plant performance. Once the energy losses at each stage are duly assessed, a root cause analysis of the energy losses is carried out to derive appropriate corrective actions to enhance the plant performance.

Our step by step approach helps in quantifying the contribution of losses due to various factors such as soiling losses, losses due to module operating temperature, gain in the plant performance due to tracker systems, losses due to hotspots, losses due to shading, losses due to inverter operating conditions, losses due to grid tripping, etc.

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Firstgreen has conducted the plant performance assessment of various solar plants which have been experiencing lower than the expected performance, and helped the plant owners to improve the performance through our root cause analysis approach. We have also offered our services for remote monitoring of the plant data and suggest proactive diagnostic measures to resolve the plant performance and equipment problems. 

Our team of solar plant performance audit works in coordination with the  O&M team at the site and enable them to better manage the plant performance and realize the maximum yield through their solar investments.

For the first time first green consulting announces a free webinar on Solar Plant Performance Assessment for the targeted audience such as O&M engineers,  designers, students, venture and equity investors and solar installers.

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It is a must attend webinar for any of the stake holders working in solar PV field and who wishes  to grasp intricacies about plant performance and optimization.


Case studies will be discussed during this webinar and we assure to make our learning reach to you through this platform.  So join us on 29 April, 2014 at 3P.M. (IST).

Speakers :

  • f6680bcb11230dcecac79ff77de5a541Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha  – Chief Executive Officer – First Green Consulting

 Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha, has around 19 years of experience and specialises in Renewable energy policy, regulation and technical aspects across various technologies i.e. wind power, Solar and Solar PV, Biomass, etc.  He has a rare combination technical expertise and has been  regular;y  involved as a senior member of consulting teams working on complex projects . He has undertaken various projects for the Government of India, Asian Development Bank, The World Bank and many other public and private sector entities.

  • Mr. Basant Jain  – Chief Executive Officer – Mahindra EPC Services Pvt LtdPortraits_Bluechip 2011

Mr. Basant Jain, has  a career spanning over 14 years. He has cross functional experience in Business Development and Management, Financial Planning, Financial Control, Project development, Contracts and Procurement, Merger and Acquisition, Risk Management, MIS, and Budgeting. He is with Mahindra group since last 7 years and has worked with some of the prestigious organization such as Aditya Birla Group, Raymond, Vedanta Resources, GVK Group at various mid-level to senior level positions.

The Key Learning Objectives are : 

  1. Benefits of plant performance audit
  2. Planning a plant performance audit
  3. Conducting site assessment and walk through
  4. Data monitoring during plant performance audit
  5. Use of different monitoring instruments for conducting plant performance audit
  6. Creating the PVSYST model for the actual data
  7. Compare expected energy yield with the measured values
  8. String performance analysis
  9. Inverter performance analysis
  10. Benchmarking methods
  11. Hot spot analysis of PV arrays
  12. Thermographic analysis of the PV plant
  13. Ways to conduct the root cause analysis
  14. Quantifying the module soiling losses
  15. Assessment of shadow losses
  16. Effect of temperature on the plant performance
  17. Assessment of performance ratio of the plant

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