[ezcol_2third]Gurgaon 30-4-2013: First Green Consulting conducted a Webinar on Solar Plant Performance Assessment . For First Green Consulting, Solar is our  passion and nothing makes it  more rewarding than an overwhelming response to our webinars or to our any training program .

The feedback from participants has largely been positive. Other than complaints about the audio quality in some parts of the Webinar , it was appreciated . Due to a large number of requests from many participants who were not able to get the maximum out of the webinar , we have decided to do the Webinar again soon. And this time we will ensure that all the technical glitches are taken care of beforehand.

We received 156 registrations which included people from various walks of Solar field. There were CEOs, Directors, Managers, Engineers, Professors and Students who registered with us. Out of them around 90 participants logged in.

We thank them all. We would also like to extend our thanks to Mr. Basant Jain, CEO , Mahindra EPC for taking his valuable time out and being one of the panel lists.

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solar plant performance assessment

Presentation on Solar Project Performance Assessment

Presentation on Solar performance Assessment








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