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There are many good reasons to install a commercial scale solar energy system with Zero capital outlay

While the business are finding the electricity cost as a significant concern in maintaining their products at an optimum price. The commercial establishments can opt for solar installations without zero capital outlay under a Power Purchase Arrangement (PPA) with Firstgreen. Today, Firstgreen has partnered with some of the leading financers to provide you azero capital […]

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NTPC has around 4GW of renewable capacity, and plans to add at least 5GW solar capacity in2 years. The firm has decided not to set up greenfield coal power projects. It plans to make total capital expenditure of Rs 1 trillion between 2019 and 2024 to become 130GW power producer by 2032. NTPC has changed […]

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Number of partnerships were inked on 8 th September 2020 at the First World Technology Summit hosted by the International Solar Alliance (ISA). ISA has been given the nodal agency mandate for implementing India’s global electricity grid plan. It has also entered into a partnership with NTPC which will help India’s largest power utility to […]

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What are the sources of finance for the solar rooftop developers?

Solar project developers are striving to get finances from banks and private equity players. Indian banks have very limited financing exposure for solar rooftop projects. So far the banks have over 800 Bn $ exposure and 16% of the assets are stressed assets.  Stressed assets are exerting pressure on public sector banks in particular and […]

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Rooftop PPA defaults and its remadies

PPA default occurs when there is a breach of contract between developer and off-taker. The off-taker may default due to a failure to make agreed payments, failure to perform the contracted obligations, provision of incorrect information in the initial PPA agreement, and shutdown of the off-taker’s business. The developer will be in default if the […]

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Five key considerations in rooftop PPAs

Tariff: The tariff structure must be clear in Power Purchase agreement. Tariffs can be fixed for the entire term or variable. Power purchase: The off-taker is obliged to buy certain amount of energy every month during the PPA term. Payment: The off-taker must pay a pre-determined tariff rate multiplied by amount of power consumed as […]

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Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) Model

The RESCO model addresses household or commercial and industrial consumers’ reluctance to purchase solar PV systems due to technical performance risk, high capital costs and lack of access to debt finance by ensuring that they don’t need to pay anything upfront. Instead, the solar developer offering the RESCO requires the consumer to purchase power at […]

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