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India install 9.9 GW solar PV in 2019. Covid 19 significantly reduce the projections for 2020.

India installed 9.9 GW of PV in 2019, a decline of 8% y/y and 23% from its peak in 2017. – Large-scale projects accounted for 85% of 2019 installs and 88% of cumulative PV installations. – Mercom attributes the difficulties in the largescale PV market to come from: contracting and contract renegotiations, financing, infrastructure availability, […]

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The Andhra Pradesh government is planning to float India’s largest solar tender of 10GW primarily to meet the farmers’ demand for electricity. Currently in A.P. 5.2 GW of planned solar and wind energy projects are kept in hold as these renewable energy contracts which were inked under the previous government is being critically examined by […]

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The Wind and Solar plant developers had entered into a tariff war by quoting low rates which have now become an impediment to them. Little did they realize that, while willingly quoting such low rates in open auction will challenge the viability of these projects. Our country at the same time has embarked into activities […]

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Depressed electricity demand due to COVID-19 and loss of revenue to Discoms. Where we are heading?

The impact of COVID-19 Has been significant in terms of demand loss and consecutive loss of revenue. The typical electricity demand loss due to COVID-19 has been estimated about 20% and the revenue loss has been estimated as 7.2% bye Recent report of Niti Aayog. The loss of demand is due to reduced power consumption […]

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