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Re-Designing Waste Management: Requirements for a Complete Review of the Supply Chain

As we explore ways to make our waste management more sustainable, it’s crucial not to overlook the supply chain. It’s here, in the network of processes that create and sell a product, that we often find significant opportunities for waste reduction. But how exactly do we tap into these opportunities? The answer lies in conducting […]

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Re-Designing Waste Management: Requirements for Right-Sizing Collection Containers and Service Levels

Achieving efficiency in waste management requires more than just proper sorting and recycling. It also involves designing waste management systems that meet the specific needs of an organization or community. One of the crucial steps in this design process is right-sizing collection containers and service levels. Right-sizing ensures that the container volume, amount, and frequency […]

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Understanding the 12 Master Categories of Commodities/Discards: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to waste management, categorizing the waste we generate is of paramount importance. This categorization aids in developing effective strategies for waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and disposal. Today, we’ll explore the 12 master categories of commodities/discards, providing a more in-depth understanding of each. Navigating the complexities of these categories requires expertise and knowledge. […]

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Waste Analysis: Unearthing the Hidden Potentials of Waste Management

As our world grapples with an escalating waste crisis, it’s become increasingly clear that effective waste management is a crucial component of a sustainable future. A key tool to optimize these efforts is waste analysis, a comprehensive review of a facility’s processes, waste stream, recycling activities, and disposal costs. Waste analysis, often conducted through a […]

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“Xeriscaping: The Future of Sustainable Landscaping”

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, practices that support sustainability and conservation are gaining momentum. Among these, xeriscaping – landscaping in a style that requires little or no irrigation and produces less waste – has emerged as an innovative and eco-friendly solution for gardeners and landscapers worldwide. Xeriscaping goes beyond just using drought-resistant plants; […]

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