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Robots to clean Solar Panels without water!!Is it really in today’s market !

Solar cells may be pushing the limits of efficiency, but they can only work optimally if they are kept clean. Norwegian engineers have developed a cleaning robot that allows solar panels to deliver at full capacity. Solar energy farms and arrays can consist of hundreds of square meters of solar panels, which must be cleaned […]

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Have you any idea regarding optimum cleaning frequency of any Solar Plant? Let’s discuss.

India is blessed with tremendous solar energy resources. It has the potential to be amongst the top three countries globally in the next five years in terms of installed capacity of renewable energy. The solar module in order to produce power requires direct irradiance. However, other than internal factors (such as composition of glass) there […]

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Is Plant Performance Monitoring important for improvement ? Let’s have a look.

Plant Performance is basically is a powerful Buisness Intelligence Sollution for improving productivity & operational efficiency.On the other hand Performance Monitoring is a set of process to be able to determine how well the system is running. Overall this whole approach is important in every aspects whether in terms of Power Plant or in Renewable […]

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Are you satisfied with your actual Solar generation? Let’s have a look on this.

Solar Photovoltaic System (SPV) is one of the growing green energy sources having immense penetration in the national grid as well as the off-grid around the globe. Regardless of different solar insolation level at various regions of the world, SPV performance is also affected by several factors: conversion efficiency of PV cell technology, ambient temperature […]

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Indian solar faces growing water risk, Thinking for Robotic Module Cleaning

India’s rapidly progressing solar sector is heavily exposed to water risks, with around 94% of installed capacity deployed in water-stressed areas, according to a new report from consultancy firm Bridge to India. In India, the majority of the water used in cleaning solar projects (60%) comes from bore-wells in the ground, with the remaining 40% […]

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Robotic Dry Cleaning at NTPC’S Dadri Solar Plant

In India Advanced Robotic Cleaning Module System is introduced in the market now. Recently robotic dry cleaning of solar panels (which uses cleaning solar panels through robots) was implemented at NTPC Dadri on December last year, the Integrated Solar Thermal Hybrid Plant (ISTHP) is under process for installation at NTPC Dadri. “The robotic dry cleaning […]

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