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Saanya intends to be a good student of law who is sincere and hardworking and gives importance to self-growth along with being sensitive to the needs of society. She is adaptable, independent, and interested in learning. Saanya is research intern at Firstgreen Consulting

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Curtailment of solar and wind power: Five key strategies which India can learn from different countries experiences on curtailment

India’s renewable sector has been grappling with various issues but one of the overarching problems present in this industry is of curtailment of solar and wind power. While the current installed capacity of solar and wind projects accounts for about 83 GW, it is expected to reach to the tune of 160 GW by 2022. Given the intermittent nature of solar and wind power, increasing curtailment in view of grid stability has a much greater adverse impact in achieving the RE targets in India. The issue of curtailment has been in the centre of legal battles with cases like Adani Solar v SECI, wherein the renewable energy developer is facing losses due to the generation loss faced because of the curtailment due to cited “technical reasons” instead of commercial reasons even after being given the “Must run” status by the central government. But as the renewable penetration in the grid increases and they become a major source of grid power supply, the “Must Run” status will have to be removed for renewables as it would no longer be viable to have the compulsory ‘must run’ for the renewable power generation.

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The issue of ACME solar attempting to exit out of 300 MW SECI PPA from a record low tariff of Rs. 2.44/kWh

A petition was filed with Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) for PPA dispute resolution after ACME Solar Holdings Pvt. Ltd. along with its executing companies ACME Phalodi Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd. and ACME Raisar Solar Energy Pvt. Ltd., terminated this project which they had won at a historically low tariff of Rs 2.44 per kwh […]

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