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Sonali is a Research Analyst at Firstgreen. She is an undergraduate architect from Aayojan school of architecture. Sonali has a keen interest in green architecture and her aim is to help minimize the effect of architecture on the environment.

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COVID-19 is bringing

While buildings themselves cannot solve the COVID-19 pandemic, it cannot be denied that they will play a crucial role in minimising viral transmission. A recent study suggested that enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) could be as effective in reducing aerosol transmission of viruses as vaccinating 50-60% of the population. As offices have started to reopen, […]

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IGBC- SSP Mandatory Requirement 2: Soil Erosion

Intent Control soil erosion and sedimentation, thereby, reducing negative impacts to the site and surroundings. Compliance Options:Implement the following measures, as applicable:1. Soil erosion control measures taken before construction and during construction must conform to the best management practices highlighted in the National Building Code (NBC) of India 2005, Part 10, Section 1, Chapter 4 […]

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IGBC- SSP Mandatory Requirement 1: Local Building Regulations

Intent Ensure that the building complies with necessary statutory and regulatory codes. Compliance Options:The project shall comply with following statutory approvals from the Government of India or State Government authorities, as applicable: Approved site plan (and/ or) building plans for construction, as applicable Status of completion or Completion certificate signed by Architect/Engineer/Owner or Third party […]

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IGBC- SA Credit 3: Passive Architecture

Intent Adopt passive architectural design features to minimize negative environmental impacts. Compliance Options:Option 1: Simulation ApproachDemonstrate that the passive architecture measures implemented in the project has resulted inat least 2% energy savings of total annual energy consumption (through whole building simulationapproach).Option 2: Prescriptive ApproachDemonstrate that the project has implemented at least one of the following […]

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IGBC- SA Credit 2: Site Preservation

Intent Encourage retaining the site features to minimise site damage and associated negative environmentalimpacts. Compliance Options:Demonstrate that the project complies with at least one of the site preservation measures.(1 point for each measure; maximum 2 points): Existing Topography / Landscape:Retain at least 10% of the existing topography / landscape, without any disturbance whatsoever. Existing Trees:Design […]

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Indoor Air Quality Audit

Good indoor air quality (IAQ) in buildings provides a comfortable and healthy environment for the occupants to work, learn, study, etc. Therefore, it is important to ascertain the IAQ status in the buildings.There are basically two types of audit methods i.e1. Qualitative Exposure Assessment2. Quantitative Exposure Assessment Qualitative Audit Source Identification HVAC Evaluation Look for […]

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