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Sonali is a Research Analyst at Firstgreen. She is an undergraduate architect from Aayojan school of architecture. Sonali has a keen interest in green architecture and her aim is to help minimize the effect of architecture on the environment.

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Review of Building Energy Simulation Softwares

As there is already a wide range of Building Performance Simulation tools available internationally, there is still a question of user interface when it comes to comparison. The users of those tools are mainly researchers, physicists, and experts who value empirical validation, analytical verification and calibration of uncertainty. EnergyPlus EnergyPlus is a building energy simulation […]

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ECBC Compliance for Electrical Transformers

Electrical Transformers: A piece of electrical equipment used to convert electric power from one voltage to another voltage. Transformer losses: electrical losses in a transformer that reduces its efficiency. Following are some mandatory requirements for electrical transformers as per ECBC: Maximum Allowable Power Transformer LossesPower transformers of the proper ratings and design must be selected […]

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Gujarat Industrial Policy: Environmental Infrastructure & Initiatives for Sustainable Development

The Gujarat Industrial Policy 2020 has been formed recently with an expected average annual outlay of Rs 8,000 crore. It aims to provide an estimated Rs 40,000 crore as subsidies to industries in the next 5 years. The new policy is in line with the Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan. <img width=”1060″ height=”663″ src=”×675-1.jpg” alt=”” srcset=”×675-1.jpg?w=1080&amp;ssl=1 […]

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