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YOu can avoid losing 20-30 % of your solar generation with better cleaning of your solar panels
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Easy solar professionals can help in increasing the productivity of your solar panels through regular cleaning
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Easy Solar App

We are pleased to introduce the easy solar app to provide you professional solar panel service at comfort of your home. Our solar professional take all safety measures to clean your solar panels. Through the easy solar app you can book your solar plant service request not only for cleaning of solar panels, but also for inverter service, tank cleaning, window cleaning, and battery service. 

What else we can do for you?

Besides the solar panel cleaning our team can provide you host of other services which include the following:

EASYSOLAR-Get the best for less


Our solar panel cleaning service will remove all the dirt, debries, dust, bird droppings, and pollution deposits. Our professional cleaning service team will ensure that your solar panels operate at the maximum efficiency. Our professional will make your solar panels sparkle all the time.and we ensure best solar panel cleaning and best prices around. 

Why have your solar panel cleaned?

Solar Panel cleaning

Should you clean your solar panels? The answer is yes..How often you should clean your solar panels? , what is the best way to clean your solar panels? These are the questions asked by many solar rooftop system owners..Easysolar has prepared a guide for solar panel cleaning…Follow our guide and DIY cleaning of your solar panels.. alternatively you can hire our solar panel cleaning professionals at comfort of your home for your solar panel cleaning. Get best out of your solar panels at affordable cost..


Choose from our list of services and book your solar cleaning service through the easysolar app in our pre approved areas. Avail professional solar panel cleaning services from our trusted and background verified solar service professionals. We are currently offering our services in Delhi NCR area, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Cuttack, Guwahati, surat, and Ahmedabad. Easysolar aims to provideprofessional solarpanel cleaning services at the comfort of your home. 

8 StatesService offerings
2000KWRESCO Capacity
40MWSolar cleaning


We provide simple and straight forward cleaning packages backed with full service support. We do not charge any deposit.. the payments can be done online. You will get a full GST invoice of your cleaning service expenses. Our service team is most trusted and verified team and provide you a professional cleaning service. Apart from the solar panel you can also take our service for tank cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, etc. Our team can also provide you a customized proposal.Keep your solar panels cleaned to maximise your energy yield. 



We have been providing solar project services over last ten years. 



Our team responds customers questions through phone or chat promptly and effectively.



We use highest quality solutions for best possible results



Our reviews speak about our trust levels from our existing clients. See what our client say about us..

Looking for Residential Commercial ground mounted Solar cleaning service ?

Hand and water jet washing

Our professional team have high pressure jet cleaning system to clean your plant with pressure jet cleaning with wipers and appropriate chemicals. 

Non Abrasive brush

We use best quality brushes which are non abrasive so that it does not cause any scratches on your solar panels. 

Spot free cleaning

We work with the latest energy The use of advanced cleaning brushes and robotic machines makes our cleaning most spot free cleaning. Our top tier cleaning equipments will make your solar panel shine. 

Cleaning solutions

We use best quality chemical solutions to clean your solar panels so that it does not make any harm to your solar panel. 

Our Clients

With offices in India, and Kenya, Firstgreen has built international reputation for providing comprehensive range of solar and green building Advisory services for Infrastructure Projects to its growing and diverse list of clientele across geographies ranging from Nepal, Middle east, and African countries.


What They Are Saying

Module Cleaning Guidelines

We have compiled the module cleaning guidelines from the Warranty and Installation Documents of different PV modules about Soiling & Cleaning which are as follows: 1. JINKO Solar Warranty Document: Exclusions: subject to direct contact with corro...

Advanced Cleaning methods help a lot to increase the Solar Power generation. It also shows the difference between Dry & Wet Cleaning. What do you think which one is better- dry or wet cleaning? Let’s look on Firstgreen’s Solar article.

Growing energy demands, rising concerns over climate change, and volatile oil prices in the last decade have led to the need to produce more electricity from renewables. Due to the abundance of solar resource and advancements in the efficiency of Pho...

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