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Firstgreen is the best consulting partner for Green building certification that are aimed to quickly reach their full potential.

This page functions as a knowledge page for GRIHA Building Certification. Going by the old adage ‘what gets measured, gets managed’, GRIHA attempts to quantify aspects such as energy consumption, waste generation, renewable energy adoption, etc. so as to manage, control and reduce the same to the best possible extent.

GRIHA Certifications


In accordance with the Office Memorandum by the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), Government of India, GRIHA Council has proposed a procedure that will enable fast track environmental clearance through GRIHA pre-certification.


SVAGRIHA (Simple Versatile Affordable GRIHA) was jointly developed by GRIHA Council and TERI. functions as a design-cum-rating tool. A precertification was started in order to avail incentives from local authorities. wherever applicable,

GRIHA for Affordable housing

GRIHA Affordable Housing rating system is a 100 point system consisting of 30 criteria categorized under six sections such as, Site Planning, Energy & Occupant Comfort, Water Savings, Waste Management, etc.


GRIHA for Existing Buildings rating system is a 100 point system consisting of 12 criteria categorized under seven sections such as Site Parameters, Maintenance & Housekeeping, Energy, Water, Human Health & Comfort, Social Aspects, and Bonus points. Six of these 12 criteria are mandatory, while the rest are optional.

GRIHA for Existing Day schools

GRIHA for Existing Day Schools has been developed as a framework to evaluate and rate the environmental performance of existing schools across India. The rating intends to develop a proactive attitude amongst the students and teachers to reduce their environmental footprint and adopt a greener lifestyle.


With increasing urbanization, economic growth, and the rising consumption pattern in India, there has been an increasing trend to consume more natural resources per capita. Higher incomes have given rise to greater demand for better standards of living, thereby adding to the already significant stress on the environment.

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