The fifth 5G Slicing Industry Summit came to a successful conclusion at MWC Shanghai 2021 under the theme “Deterministic Slicing, a Crucial Path from Availability to Reliability”. At the summit, Huawei, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, Digital Domain, China Sports Media, Gree, TD Tech, AsiaInfo, and other members of the 5G Slicing Association (5GSA) took the opportunity to announce the establishment of the 5GSA XuanYuan Lab. This is the first open lab for 5G network slicing innovation in the industry. The lab aims to bring together and unite all corners of the network slicing industry, and perform long-term verification of technical innovation for industry partners, as well as eliminate technical pain points and drive maturity of the network slicing industry.

As digital transformation is already sweeping the world, 5G enterprise private networks are now in full swing. Network slicing, as the key technological foundation for enabling Public Network Integrated Non-public Networks (PNI-NPN) and accelerating the commercial adoption of 5G enterprise private networks, has attracted great attention from the industry. Harnessing its deterministic capabilities and verifying innovative applications during commercialization is pivotal.

The XuanYuan Lab will fully leverage the 5GSA’s rich experiences as a forerunner in Chinese 5G SA markets and its collaboration capabilities and platform in the international markets to work with standardization and industry organizations, enhance the deterministic capabilities of network slicing, and advance the development of network slicing in terms of technology, standardization, and business success.

The XuanYuan Lab has established three centers, namely, the technology innovation center, E2E integration center, and service demonstration center. These centers will streamline technical implementation, verify the E2E integration from device modules to the network slice management and enterprise self-management systems, and demonstrate the achievements of network slice innovation to customers from various industries.

In the future, Huawei will collaborate with the 5GSA to invite more industry partners to join in the alliance, fully utilize the XuanYuan Lab to accelerate E2E network slicing standardization and verification, and navigate difficulties during the implementation. In addition, it will drive technology and business development, fast-track the transformation of network slicing from availability to reliability, and enable digital transformation for all industries to achieve business success.

Source: Huawei

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